Blue Spruce Jersey Hijab


This is by far going to be the prettiest blue hijab you have ever seen - just trust us on this one. 

Our Jerseys: We handpicked the softest premium jerseys to give you the most comfortable wear ever. They are light-medium in weight, super soft and breathable, opaque and hemmed to perfection. They can be worn year round in all weather, making it the most ideal hijab around!

One color: Blue

Fabric material: Premium Cotton and Spandex blend

Hijab dimensions: 180 cm x 80 cm / 70" x 32"

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful and perfect. Shipping was a little slow unnecessarily but I can't wait for more colors to restock to order more!

Afra Benazir (Tabuk, SA)

One of the prettiest hijab in my collection. Soft material and perfect size!

FM (Calgary, CA)
Beautiful color and quality !!

I love these scarves. I’ve purchased other colors and this one is another beauty. My niece loved it as it was a gift for her.

The wonderful feature of these hijabs are, they are the perfect size, not too long not too short. The quality of the fabric makes it seamless and doesn’t slip while praying or when wearing it as scarf outdoors. These are very soft to the skin . I do not wear any other material other than these as I have sensitive skin . My skin loves this material along with cotton fabric.

Cleaning is so easy if followed as per the owner’s instructions and never a residue of ink contrary to some other materials I have worn before .

Thank you Lala Hijab for putting considerable thought from the products design to the final production to delivery process . (I love how it is cleaner before delivery and placed in these cute packaging which I use again and again).

Jazakallahum Khayran


These are the best hijabs I have come across thus far . They are not too long not too short. The owner and designer have indeed put a lot of thought behind creating these hijab scarves. Easy to wear , feels very good on the skin all season . I have ordered before and will continue ordering with lala hijab . The colors are gorgeous and I feel beautiful wearing them and so does my other family members whom I have gifted these scarves .

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