Happy Sprinkles Jersey Hijab


Introducing our a special blast of color - the most unique and vibrant tie dye hijab we have ever released! With splashes of pink, purple, blue and yellow - this hijab will FOR SURE make you happy each time you reach for it. 

Our Jerseys: We handpicked the softest premium jerseys to give you the most comfortable wear ever. They are light-medium in weight, super soft and breathable, opaque and hemmed to perfection. They can be worn year round in all weather, making it the most ideal hijab around!

Multi-colors: Dark purple, blue, yellow and pink 

Fabric material: Premium Cotton and Spandex blend

Hijab dimensions: 180 cm x 80 cm / 70" x 32"

Customer Reviews

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A. (Waynesville, US)
Professional-enough AND Muslim-enough

Recent revert, here. I found your site thanks to a non-Muslim friend who follows your YouTube channel, Alhamdulillah! As a medical professional it's difficult to find hijabs that are professional-enough while also being Muslim-enough. Lala Hijabs are both of those and also comfortable and stay in place whether I'm making Salah or leaning over to care for for a patient. I don't even need magnets or pins most of the time. They provide adequate coverage in the front and drape beautifully without feeling bulky. I like that, with these hijabs, I can see the ground when I walk and my peripheral vision is unobstructed. And, while we don't cover our heads to receive compliments, I receive quite a few when I wear my Lala Hijabs. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate that I can move naturally and feel secure without having to constantly fiddle with it and make adjustments throughout the day?

A.Y. (Winnipeg, CA)
Absolutely beautiful

I am non-muslim, absolutely love the colours, I brought it in to a school I subbed at, a student fell in love with it as a young muslim girl, it made her so happy to recieve it as a gift. Just the look on her face when I showed her, she thought it was stunningly beautiful. I just felt the urge to make her happy, so, she got it for her prayer time.

I was sad when I found out it was sold out earlier this year. Just bought another one for myself when I found out it finally came back in stock. I am positive I will love this one just as much as the last one. I love wearing it at a shawl, especially when I am camping at a local festival I go to in MB, I usually wear a tank top, so it's nice that this will cover my shoulders . Or I wear it on my head to keep my hair at bay, hate those fly aways when it's windy, hats won't do, but this does the trick. Or as a wrap-around my waist.

SK (Markham, CA)
Beautiful vibrant print

Love how bright and beautiful this hijab is! My family loves it!


Colors are so vibrant and beautiful!! It is one of a kind. Very unique and not to mention it goes with so much.


This is the happiest hijab i have!

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