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Oops Mystery Hijab

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We are human, and we make mistakes! Sometimes in the process of tie dying, colors can get splashed where they shouldn't be and although its a small human error - we want our hijabs in our main collection to be perfect.

The mystery hijabs have minor mistakes either in stitching, minor holes or errors in the color dying. You will get a mystery colored hijab, at a discount to say sorry for the little mishaps! There might also be some "one off" colors used as experimental hijabs that did not make the cut to our permanent collections too! 

These Oops Mystery Hijabs are very limited in stock - and will be listed on our site as we make these "oopsies." Be sure to check back often to see if we have added any more here! 

These hijabs are final sale. Please note, if you purchase more than one there is a possibility you could receive duplicates of the same design. All Ooops Mystery Hijabs are final sale.


Our Jerseys: We handpicked the softest premium jerseys to give you the most comfortable wear ever. They are light-medium in weight, super soft and breathable, opaque and hemmed to perfection. They can be worn year round in all weather, making it the most ideal hijab around!

Colors: Random

Fabric material: Premium Cotton and Spandex blend

Hijab dimensions: 180 cm x 80 cm / 70" x 32"

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

I initially thought that this free gift would be something that I could and would throw in the trash. I didn't and I'm happy. It was the perfect hijab for me and I wear it as often as I can.

Amanda L (Calgary, CA)
Very pretty

I got an “oops” for the Morocco Earth hijab. I understand why it’s classified as an “oops” (the tie dye isn’t perfect), but it’s super pretty on its own and you’d never know it was an “oops” unless you bought it. This was a fun surprise, and I will definitely buy more “oops hijabs” in the future.

Sarah (Windsor, CA)

I received a perfect Taffy hijab, I can't even tell what could be wrong with it. I'm so happy with it, it's gorgeous and looks even better in person. The fabric is so soft, stretchy, and large, yet resistant to pilling. I'm definitely going to buy more hijabs now.

Leanna D. (Toronto, CA)
Absolutely beautiful

Its a beautiful hijab the oops is so small you can't tell unless you really look for it.

Steph (Abbotsford, CA)

I ended up with two of the same mystery Hijabs and I regret nothing. They are beautiful and now I have one to gift my best friend so we can be “twinning”. I can’t believe they have any flaws at all because I can’t find any. Simply gorgeous!