Rose Gold Magnets


The struggle is real. Pins drive us crazy. They can snag fabric, poke holes and jab your fingers. So we want you to say goodbye to those - and say hello to our all grip, no slip hijab magnets!

Our magnets are extremely strong in hold, and will not slip! They hold even the most thickest fabrics - like our jerseys! Your fabrics will be saved and you will never have to experience another hole in them ever again! Our magnets are safe for even the most delicate of fabrics.

They will leave you feeling safe and secure as they hold extremely well. 

The rose gold magnets are also made from nickel-free zinc alloy, giving it the most stunning mirror-like shine and it will not bother sensitive skin!

Each set includes two pairs of magnets and they both come in a tiny little velveteen pouch to keep them safe!

Measurements: ~12-13 mm

Please remember that these magnets should be kept in a safe space away from infants and children as they may pose a choking hazard and it is extremely dangerous if swallowed. If this happens - seek medical attention immediately.


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Mariya Shaposhnik

Rose Gold Magnets

FM (Calgary, CA)
Rose gold Magnets

These magnets are a game changer. Whenever wearing a scarf or dupatta for prayer I would wrap it and tie and at times it would fall off . Or the hairs would start peeking through, those baby hairs in the front. Or a safety pin have proved at times to be hazardous or not very convenient.

But these powerful magnets are so cute as button but they are mighty and holds everything together and I love the lala hijab materials too. And I have used this magnet on a different outfit and depending on how you drape the material these hold everything in place . Cotton materials chiffon etc.

But I love the jersey materials from lala hijab and I now have few they are warm and so comfortable and hold every inch of my hair in place (which is meant to be underneath the scarf).

These are so precious !!!!

Joy D (Staten Island, US)
Hijab magnets really are a life saver!

When I first started wearing hijab I used straight pins and safety pins, but they got too difficult to manage so I stopped using them. Then I heard Veronika Edali (a hijabi revert influencer) rave about hijab magnets so I tried them out. Now I use them all the time and I love that I know my hijab is secure!

Sabrina Islam (Stamford, US)

It is a great product

Miss F (Birmingham, GB)

Super high quality very strong keeps you're hijab in place all day! Must buy as they are excellent and come in different colours and even matte styles as well chrome x x

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