3 Pack Matte Rose Gold, Silver and Black Chrome Magnets


The struggle is real. Pins drive us crazy. They can snag fabric, poke holes and jab your fingers. So we want you to say goodbye to those - and say hello to our all grip, no slip hijab magnets! This 3 pack is a stunning addition to your collection - the matte colors are SO gorgeous! 

Our magnets are extremely strong in hold, and will not slip! They hold even the most thickest fabrics - like our jerseys! Your fabrics will be saved and you will never have to experience another hole in them ever again! Our magnets are safe for even the most delicate of fabrics.

They will leave you feeling safe and secure as they hold extremely well. 

Note: The Black Chrome magnets are the only ones that contain nickel.  

Each set includes three pairs of magnets and they come in a tiny little velveteen pouch to keep them safe!

Measurements: ~12-13 mm

Please remember that these magnets should be kept in a safe space away from infants and children as they may pose a choking hazard and it is extremely dangerous if swallowed. If this happens - seek medical attention immediately.


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Shabina Kauser (Bradford, GB)

Very nice just what I wanted

S.E. (Staten Island, US)
Top-notch and immaculate quality!! A must-have for every hijabi !!

First time using hijab magnets , I was so impressed by the quality and grip of these magnets. Their hold is SUPER SUPER STRONG , it's unbelievable. They secure my hijab in place with absolutely no need for safety pins at all. A life saver for sure! I'm gonna transit to magnets for the most part and only use pins if needed because some of my hijab styles need pins when wrapped around my head. But for securing the two pieces of my hijab at the front, I'm definitely not gonna use safety pins again. They're so much neater and better than pins that ruin the fabric. I also love the matte colours of these magnets. They look so elegant and classy. Although I hadn't purchased any other magnets and only looked around online , but I believe Lala hijabs offer the best and prettiest magnets on the market. The little tiny pouch they come in is so cute and convenient as well to keep them from getting lost. Overall, if I could rate them 10/5, I definitely would !!! Great job!!

I.J. (Chapel Hill, US)
Yes, yes, yes. Wish I hadn't waited so long.

I logged onto my laptop just to leave this review because of how strong these magnets are. I've tried hijab magnets from Modanisa and Haute Hijab, and they weren't that sturdy. I could easily lose one piece if I tugged at my hijab the wrong way. These are no doubt the strongest magnets on the market-- SUPER SUPER SUPER STRONG. Like sometimes it's hard to pull them apart....so if you're looking for sturdy hijab magnets, this is your sign. Buy them. the 3-pack is a great value compared to just one in my opinion!!

Rebeka Nicholson (Red Deer, CA)

3 Pack Matte Rose Gold, Silver and Black Chrome Magnets

Ariel Kresge (Enfield, US)

Everything was perfect 👍🏻. Still is, too! The magnet pins hold my hijab in place in any way that I styled it and the colors are very vibrant🥰. As a pagan who is starting to cover/veil in various ways when a spiritual yearning calls, regardless when, I feel balanced, confident, and happy. Thank you again so much and I can’t wait to order some more from you guys again. 🥰

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