3 Pack Shiny Rose Gold, Silver and Black Chrome Magnets


The struggle is real. Pins drive us crazy. They can snag fabric, poke holes and jab your fingers. So we want you to say goodbye to those - and say hello to our all grip, no slip hijab magnets! This 3 pack is a stunning addition to your collection - the matte colors are SO gorgeous! 

Our magnets are extremely strong in hold, and will not slip! They hold even the most thickest fabrics - like our jerseys! Your fabrics will be saved and you will never have to experience another hole in them ever again! Our magnets are safe for even the most delicate of fabrics.

They will leave you feeling safe and secure as they hold extremely well. 

Note: The Black Chrome magnets are the only ones that contain nickel.  

Each set includes three pairs of magnets and they come in a tiny little velveteen pouch to keep them safe!

Measurements: ~12-13 mm

Please remember that these magnets should be kept in a safe space away from infants and children as they may pose a choking hazard and it is extremely dangerous if swallowed. If this happens - seek medical attention immediately.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kim Arnold (Corning, US)
Magnets are the way to go

Although they can be a little hard to maneuver sometimes because they are small, magnets are the fastest, easiest, and safest way I have found to secure a hijab. Love them all!

Anussha Khan (Scarborough, CA)
Shiny and strong !

Really like how it comes in a pack with different colours !


These are strong! I was worried that they won’t withstand the wind, but I was mistaken! It is easier to work with than safety pins, and it keeps the fabrics together. I tested it out with different fabrics too and they still stood well. I would say I got my money’s worth and I don’t have to worry about poking myself with safety pins anymore.

Temana Aguilar (Kernersville, US)
Love These!- I use them as a Modesty Closure for Tops

I love these. I don't wear a hijab, I use them to discreetly keep my dress and blouses tops shut. I am a busty woman and always face the challenge of accidentally showing cleavage, revealing gaps between buttons, or my tops moving around over the course of the day to expose more than I'd like to. These magnets are secure, strong, and small. You can hardly see them, but with the 3 colors, I can also color coordinate. It is safer for my clothing and for my skin than a safety pin. Thank you! I also plan to use them to hold cardigan style shrugs and jackets together - that don't have buttons.

Sazia Eliza (Birmingham, US)
Hijab Magnets

Strong magnet, fancy looking. Each color is beautiful. It has the lalahijab inscription which make the magnets special.

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