Who are we?

You all might know us as Sana and Will from TikTok as @salehfamily. We create content that is aimed towards showing the fun side of our culture and religion. We are a mixed culture couple from the Toronto area in Canada and love to put a smile on people's faces. We have two junior business associates (AKA children) Aaminah and Zaynab - who remain as our inspiration for our hijab line.

Where are we from?

All of us are born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. We moved to Ontario in the start of 2019 and now call it home.

Why did we start Lala Hijabs?

Sana has had her fair share of struggles when it came to finding fun and unique pieces to wear for her hijab wardrobe. She has always had a love for color and knew there was always a gap in the hijab market for pretty, colorful and high quality hijabs. Then the trend of tie dye came back in the summer of 2020 and she knew she had to take it and make it her own. She dyed her first hijab pink and purple and wore it nearly everyday - when people started asking her where she got it from. Then our vision was born - we took that one hijab and used it as inspiration for dozens of other color combinations and designs, now known as Lala Hijabs!

Where did the name Lala Hijabs come from?

Quite literally, from our five year old daughter! We had a giant list of potential names for our hijab company and we could not agree on a single one of them. When we asked our eldest daughter, Aaminah - what she would name our hijab company - she instantly said "Lala Hijabs!" And so the name took shape! From that point, William used the four letters "Lala" to create our vision "Live Authentic Love Always." 

Why did we pick pastel colors?

What we wear, ultimately has an affect on our mood. Not that there is anything wrong with plain or neutral colors (because we have plenty of those in our closet too) but it is clinically proven that bright colors DO genuinely enhance our emotions and mood. The colors we have hand picked for our hijabs are all known to boost energy, happiness, and overall well being. We hope that our hijabs bring you that boost in energy too!

Who dyes the hijabs?

We do! We hand dye everything ourself, just the four of us! 

What makes us different?

We knew from the start that we wanted to do things differently. Not only are we bringing vibrant and colorful hijabs to the market, but we are also one of the first hijab companies to use sustainable packaging. We want to be as eco-friendly as possible, so we personally package all of our hijabs in paper rather than plastic. We use compostable materials and encourage our customers to do the same! We can make an impact if we all do our part.